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Deltaserat Mouth Guard


If you train Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA the most important piece of equipment you will use is a combat mouthguard. Without a proper mouthguard, you can end up suffering more head trauma and even fracture your teeth. Whenever you are sparring or clinching you need to wear a mouthguard. It doesn’t matter if you are light sparring with big gloves on, all it takes is one small punch to knock a tooth out.

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When you get hit by an impact to your face the impact of the punch or kick sends a shock wave from your jaw to the rest of your skull. A direct impact to the front of the teeth can even cause a fracture to your teeth. Often when you receive a hard uppercut hits your lower jaw it will cause your teeth to slam together, resulting in the bottom teeth pushing the front teeth from underneath. Essentially your teeth will bang together, which is the leading cause of a chipped or fractured tooth.

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